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Cooling & Compression - this is the unique combination of Liquid Ice

Whereever cooling helps - Liquid Ice helps even better!


If you sometimes use ice or frozen peas to ease any discomfort, Liquid Ice cools in a way more effective way: By cooling through evaporation.
The cooling happens within minutes, cools the skin's surface by 5-6°C (not as cold as ice!) and keeps that exact temperature for at least 2 hours. Additionally, the provided bandage allows a most effective yet gentle compression, to go along with the cooling effect.



360 ml Liquid Ice and 1 Bandage (4m stretched)

Liquid Ice - Ice Wrap

SKU: 0004
49,00 €Price
    • Cooling & Compression for relief
    • Where ice is good, Liquid Ice works better
    • 360ml Liquid Ice
    • 1 Bandage 2m (4m stretched)
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