Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

We are based in the heart of beautiful Vienna, Austria.
All our skin care procuts are produced in Austria.

How do I use an Ice Mask?

All Ice Mask come in 2-chamber pods, made from recycled plastic. You activate a mask by pressing the center of the pod firmly down, the chamber with the fluids opens up and the mask absorbs the ingredients. Unfold the mask and pad it gently on your face. Sit back, close your eyes and relax. We highly suggest you enjoy your Ice Mask in a quiet place where you can lean back or lay down. After 10-15 minutes the mask is dry, remove it and discard. Ice Mask leaves no residue, there is no clean up required.

What does "antimicrobial" mean?

Antimicrobial means that 99,99 % of all bacteria and spores are eliminated. The Magic Mask Spray contains ethanol and benzalkoniumchloride to fit this quality.

How is LIquid Ice different from other cooling methods?

Liquid Ice works through evaporative cooling. Just like your body, when it sweats, only way more effective. This means, that Liquid Ice ALWAYS cools, no matter how hot your surrounding temperatures are. You don't need a freezer or other electric equipment, that might not be around you when you need cooling.

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