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Frequently asked questions

How does a dry bag work?

A dry bag is a purpose-built bag which is designed to keep the contents dry, even if the bag is submerged in the water. It is made of waterproof nylon with a roll top. By using a roll top it creates an airtight seal giving your belongings extra protection from the water.

Do dry bags float?

Yes, provided you leave some air inside the bag when you roll it up and don’t fill your bag with lead then your bag will float. This is due to the gear inside your bag being lighter than the volume of water. Thank you water dynamics! So if our bag happens to fall into the water then it will bob right back up to the top allowing for easy retrieval.

Can you swim with a dry bag?

Yes, as the dry bag is waterproof you don’t need to worry about it getting wet, plus, it will act as a floatation device while you’re swimming meaning it won’t drag you down and you’ve got an extra thing to cling onto if needed - win, win!

Can you use a dry bag while Paddleboarding and Kayaking?

Dry bags are perfect to keep all of your belongings dry whilst you paddleboard or kayak, if you don’t want to leave them on the shore or want to use them whilst you’re off on your Saltie adventure. If you opt for a SUP with D-Rings then simply attach your dry bag to your board and off you go.

Is my smartphone secure and watertight when inside the dry bag?

Drybags are heavyweight and durable and also waterproof. Provided you roll your drybag up tightly at the top then all of your belongings, including your phone, will be safe and secure inside.

How should I clean, maintain, and store my dry bag?

Dry bags are super easy to look after. Simply hose them down after use to remove all of the salt water and leave to airdry. Store them in a cool, dry place ready for next time.

How big of a dry bag do I need for a sleeping bag?

20L bags will hold a sleeping bag plus a few changes of clothes and other bits. A 10L dry bag will be perfect for your everyday items including your phone, a few snacks and a change of clothes, plus a camera. Downsize to a 5L if you just need a bag for the essentials.