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Ice Mask Anti-Aging - with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C


I can't wait for you to try the amazing experience of an Ice Mask, it's like nothing you have done before.

It's almost hard to discribe how relaxing it is and yet how refreshed and energized you feel afterwards.

Not to mention the stunning results in regards of wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and so on. You can litterally see the difference after 10 minutes!


The wonderfully different facial tightens the collagen and in my opinion you can feel that!
Vitamin C protects against free radicals and Aloe Vera helps regenerate the skin.
The highly moisturizing mask will leave you with a smooth skin and a deeply relaxed yet refreshed feeling!

By the way: Ice Mask even works over make-up!
Let's say you are  in a hurry to look fresh and styled (like between work and going out to dinner) Ice Mask will work effectively and does not remove your make-up at all!



Contents: 6 Masks (10-15 Minutes per mask)

Ice Mask Anti-Aging

    • Amazing Anti-Aging masks
    • With Aloe Vera & Vitamin C
    • Set of 6 masks
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