Magic Mask Glorious Set


  • 100 ml Magic Mask Spray
  • Pocket Spray with 10 ml
  • Cotton Mask "Magic Mask"
  • Magic Ice Mask, set of 5 masks


Antimicrobial spray for your mask.

Eliminates 99% of all bacteria and spores, resulting in a cleaner environment for your skin under your mask.


Magic Mask Spray also makes it easier to breath through your mask, provides comfortable cooling and a fresh smell.


Magic Ice Mask

From the makers of "Ice Mask" - super refreshing and relaxing masks,
cleaning, cooling and refreshing.

Treats and prevents acne, wether caused by mask wearing or otherwise.


5 antimicrobial tissue masks


Magic Mask Glorious Set

SKU: 0009
  • THE solution to prevent "Maskne"

    Magic Mask Glorious Set contents:

    • Magic Mask Antimicrobial Spray 100 ml
    • Magic Mask Pocket Spray 10ml (refillable)
    • Cotton mask "Magic Mask" with 100 day guarantee
    • 5 Magic Ice Masks

    Total value: 89€