Haku Mana Hand & Mask Sanitizer


Finally a stylish hand sanitizer, that is effective and takes care of your skin!

Manuka oil and aloe vera make sure your hands are being moisturized and repaired while you are disinfecting.

Following the motto "Live your life - just a little more beautiful", this hand sanitizer makes will compliment your purse, your car or your home.


The very pleasant smell is another highlight you will love!


NEW: Use Haku Mana to disinfect your FFP2 mask for reuse.
Disinfect your mask before storing it away. Depending on wear and tear you can easily reuse your mask 7 times.

With this Haku Mana 3-pack, one reuse of your mask costs only 0,17 €


Haku Mana Hand & Mask Sanitizer, 3-Pack

    • Disinfection with Skin Care
    • Fresh smell
    • Great feel (not sticky)
    • Stylish, to look good in your purse or car
    • NEW: Also disinfects your FFP2 mask