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Haku Mana Hand Sanitizer

Stylish, safe and has skin care included


No more cracked hands, sticky, gooey feeling or sharp smell...

Haku Mana Hand Sanitizer moisturizes your hands with Manuka Oild and Aloe Vera, evaporates fast and has a fresh smell.

It is made from the best quality ingredients:


Ethanol (72%)

for safety, to protect against most viruses (including corona) and bacteria


Manuka Oil

Polynesian "Super-Plant" protects and conditions.
The antimicrobial capabilities of this powerful vegan oil has been the maori secret since 3 centuries

Aloe Vera

Natural healing, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, anti-inflammatory


​Haku Mana is "Powered by Liquid Ice" ​​ and benefits from 20 years of experience with safe, hypoallergenic ethanol based skin care products.

The set of 3 little bottles is ideal to keep you protected: One for your pocket / purse, one in your car and one for your home.

The most convenient alternative to washing your hands and protecting yourself on the go.

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